South Cambridgeshire
District Figures

South Cambridgeshire is a largely rural district surrounding Cambridge City, it borders Huntingdonshire on the northern edge and East Cambridgeshire on the East. It is the second largest district by land area after Huntingdonshire. The Professional, Scientific, and Technical employment sector makes up just over a quarter (26%) of employment in South Cambridgeshire. The area has the highest levels of educational attainment, after Cambridge. In turn, residents and workers in South Cambridgeshire earn generous wages, with both earning more weekly compared to the rest of the Combined Authority and national averages.

The population of South Cambridgeshire


Number of people of working age

Source: ONS 2020 Mid year population estimates

Number of people who are economically active



In Total

Source: Annual population survey : Apr 2020-March 2021

Number of people in employment

People in employment

Percentage in employment

Total number of people

Source: Annual population survey : Apr 2020-March 2021

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Source: Annual survey of hours and earnings - resident analysis 2020

Number of people employed by occupation

Managers, Directors and Senior Officials

Professional Occupations

Associate Prof & Tech Occupations

Administrative and Secretarial Occupations

Skilled Trades Occupations

Caring, Leisure and Other Service Occupations

Sales and Customer Service Occupations

Process, Plant and Machine Operatives

Elementary occupations

Source: Annual population survey : Apr 2020-March 2021

Employment by enterprise size

Micro (0 to 9)

Small (10 to 49)

Medium-sized (50 to 249)

Large (250+)

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Source: UK Business Counts 2020